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Frequently asked questions

I am a paramedic in another state do I need to be licensed in New York State to work for you?

Yes, you must currently hold a NY license/certification.  You must file for reciprocity through the New York State Department of Health.

Follow this link for more information!


I submitted my application online. How do I know you got it and what do I do next?

The moment you click 'submit', we’ve got it. Make sure you continue through the other pre-hire documents. If you are not sure if there were additional documents, CLICK HERE to learn where to find them.The next step is an HR representative will evaluate your submission and may invite you to the next step in the hiring process. Watch your e-mail!


I forgot my password.

From the careers home page, select 'forgot my password.' Enter the email address you used when you applied and the system send an email with reset instructions. Follow the instructions in the email to log back in.

I have not received an email!! Please, check your junk mail or spam folder if you haven't received a response.


I submitted my resume a few months ago and some of my experience has changed. Can I update my profile?

Yes. When you submitted your original application it was stored in our database.  If anything has changed since then, simply log back into your profile and make the changes.


I was only able to select one location to submit my application but I would like to be considered for other locations. Do I need to fill out additional applications to be considered for other locations?

We only need one application per location. To apply for additional positions, please submit another application.

Select an additional position, you'll be directed to log in.  After you do, you'll be taken to the online application.  But you'll find that all of the information you entered before is saved.  Review the information and check its accuracy.  Then, select NEXT to advance through the application.  You'll need to do this for all the pre-hire forms, but since all of the information is already saved, it doesn't take very long. 

May I simply come in and submit my resume?

No.  If you stop by, we'll have a computer set up for you to enter your application and to go through the various steps in our process.


May I have someone else complete my application?  

If you need someone's help to complete the application, that's up to you.  But bear in mind that when you sign the application (by entering your password), you are swearing that the information was provided by you and you have read the disclaimer.  Your digital signature is as legally binding as your physical signature. 


Technical Support

We work hard to make sure our software works as intended, but problems occasionally slip through. You can help us help you by thoroughly describing the issue you experienced. 


  • Include the full URL (web address) of the page with the problem
  • Tell us what internet browser you are using? (Alt + H will usually bring up the menu that tells you)
  • If any errors were displayed, please copy and paste the text and any numbers they contain
  • Include a screen shot of the page and any error messages (The print screen button takes a snapshot of your screen. You can paste it into your email to us.)

There are some other things you can do to help us:

  • See if the same thing happens when you use a different browser or computer
  • See if the problem happens every time or only sometimes

Then email (  or call us (1-866-342-4280) with the information so that we can resolve your problem.

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